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AVP Service Team

Authorised Value Provider - Service Team


For our customers, it's a guarantee that our sales and technical teams are on a par with ABB's own engineers  - and ABB both trains us at their own universities (and audits us) to this effect. Our ABB trained & certified engineers are having the very highest standard of technical expertise, and know ABB variable speed drive's inside out.

In addition, We provide our customers with a range of services: VFD training, energy audits, preventative maintenance, service care contracts, harmonic surveys, and a comprehensive drive repair service. In short, we offer not just sales, but also support, service, and engineering expertise to a level which meets ABB's very high standards.



As ABB says, the AVP program was set up to recognize providers who offered "high quality and globally consistent customer service and support" - standing by customers throughout the life-cycle of the product. The ABB AVP is a procedure to guarantee that the services the customer receives from the ABB value providers are on the same leading level as the quality of the ABB products, both globally and locally.

Carrying the AVP logo has become a matter of pride - it's not something which is given out lightly, and Industrial IT Solutions has worked for over 20 years to achieve and maintain the level of service which makes us the standard-bearer for ABB.

See more about the ABB AVPs on the link.

We are Authorized Value Provider for there process automation products, Drives, field Instruments, and DCS.


We have some good installations references in industry. ABB is the leader in power and automation technologies that enable customers to improve their performance while lowering cost impact by using genuine and premium quality of ABB products. Today, while representing ABB, we are offering ABB power and automation technologies to improve productivity, reliability and savoring energy.


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