From micro and machinery drives for machine building to industrial drives for controlling processing lines, all the way up to industry specific drives with purpose-designed features and functionality.

he preconfigured ACS380 machinery drive comes in several variants ensuring seamless integration into machines and connecting perfectly to automation system.

General purpose drive : ACS560 is simple to select, easy to commission and use. Its energy-saving easy-to-use features make it a solution for various industrial applications.

Drives for HVAC : Your HVAC system demands effortless comfort for everyone. Our intelligent variable speed drive is dedicated to saving energy & producing quality air concerns.


Machinery Drive : If you are a system integrator, original equipment manufacturer or panel builder, the ACS355 is a top tier micro drive.

Multi-drives : The all-compatible multi-drives comes with various types of supply units including diode supply units and regenerative supply units.

Machinery drive : You do the design and the ASC850 has the flexibility and scalability to meet your challenges.


General purpose drive : When you need simplicity and intelligence in one self-contained solution the ACS550 covers a wide range of options.


General Purpose Drive : A drive dedicated to optimize your variable torque applications, such as booster pumps and centrifugal fans.

General purpose drive : A new generation, all-compatible, wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive simplifies your processes and motor control with effortless efficienc

Drives for water : Reliable water systems are crucial. This drive series is designed for your water and wastewater applications.


Micro drive : Take smooth performance to the next level with the wide power range and functionality of ACS150. Available in both single and three phase supplies.


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