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Face Recognition Attendance System with Mask Detection and Temperature Screening


World will not remain the same post Covid-19 pandemic. 


Entire system will have to undergo change to adjust with repercussions of the pandemic. Work culture has already started changing and will further change to meet the requirements of the current time. This requires a system to be put in place to deal with the present scenario.

Move to a Touchelss experience for your employees, workers, students etc.

Adhering to the Government Regulations


As people are getting back to work again, it is important to create a safe working environment for them. Government of India has issued some guidelines that require people to wear mask, follow social distancing and record temperature while entering the workplace. Face Recognition Attendance System with Temperature and Mask Detection is a contactless device that fulfills these Government policies.

  • Facial Recognition of a person

  • Ensures Face Mask Detection for all the employees

  • Measures Temperature of all the employees entering inside the premises

  • Captures Attendance for the employees

Benefits of using Face Mask Detection with Temperature Screening


  • Marks employee attendance on the go and accurately tracks absenteeism

  • Facial recognition with face mask and temperature detection, allows only those with mask and no-fever to pass through

  • The highly advanced Temperature Screening System works on no-touch technology and manages bulk-data and improves staff security

  • This makes the system fast and seamless, improving operational efficiency and staff security, leading to patient satisfaction and overall profitability


Attendance with Temperature capturing can:


This marvelous solution can also very effectively be used to take employee attendance as well as student attendance, without so much as moving a muscle.

The system uses advanced infrared thermal imaging technology with 2MP wide dynamic camera and a 7-inch high-resolution display for better screening. The solution has been designed to measure the forehead temperature of a person from a distance of 1m. And when high temperatures are recorded, the warning is broadcasted with loud audio as well as showcased on the screen of the tablet.


Only people with normal temperatures are automatically given access to the premises. The system comes in a tablet form with remote access control. The thermometer in the solution has the accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees celsius and even recognizes those who are wearing masks and those who are not.

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